Subcontractor Abn Registration

If you`re a subcontractor in Australia, you`re likely familiar with the term ABN (Australian Business Number) – the unique 11-digit number that identifies your business. If you`re not already registered for an ABN, it`s important to do so in order to legally operate your business and be paid for your services. In this article, we`ll take a closer look at what ABN registration entails for subcontractors and why it`s an essential step to take.

What is an ABN and Why is it Important?

An ABN is a unique identifier for your business that is used by the government and other entities to track your business activities and financial transactions. It`s a key element in managing your taxes and invoicing your clients, and it`s required by law for any business that earns more than $75,000 in a year.

For subcontractors, an ABN is particularly important because it enables them to legally operate as a separate business entity and be paid for their services. Without an ABN, subcontractors may miss out on payment or be viewed as an employee of the company they`re working for, which can have implications for their taxes and rights as a worker.

How to Register for an ABN as a Subcontractor

Registering for an ABN is a relatively simple process that can be done online through the Australian Business Register (ABR). Here are the steps involved:

1. Determine if you`re entitled to an ABN: You must meet certain criteria to be eligible for an ABN, including being in business for yourself, having a business structure such as a sole trader, and having an Australian Business Location.

2. Gather your information: You`ll need to provide some basic information about your business, including your name, address, and business structure.

3. Apply for an ABN: You can apply online through the ABR portal, which typically takes around 15 minutes to complete. You`ll receive an instant response with your ABN and details about your registration.

4. Register for taxes: Once you have your ABN, you`ll need to register for other taxes such as Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding tax, depending on your business structure.

Tips for Subcontractors Registering for an ABN

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when registering for an ABN as a subcontractor:

1. Keep your business and personal finances separate: This is important for tax purposes and to avoid confusion with your clients. It also makes it easier to track your income and expenses.

2. Don`t wait until the last minute: It`s important to register for an ABN as soon as possible to avoid delays in payment and potential legal issues.

3. Understand your tax obligations: As a subcontractor, you may be subject to different taxes depending on your business structure. It`s important to understand your obligations and seek professional advice if needed.


Registering for an ABN is an important step for subcontractors in Australia. It allows them to legally operate as a separate business entity and be paid for their services. With the right information and guidance, registering for an ABN can be a simple process that helps streamline your business operations and protect your financial interests.