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Haldex Style ABA and S.ABA Repair Kit

Designed to save time and money, the Auto-Slack Saver was manufactured after repeated replacement of the locater pins, bushings, and complete slack adjusters due to premature wear at the locator tab area. This expensive and inconvenient maintenance procedure can be eliminated by installing the Auto-Slack Saver Kits.

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  • “Since we began installing the Auto-Slack Saver Kits in March of 2007 we have eliminated our issues with worn locator tabs and pins. We now have installed them on 100% of our trailers including new, from the time of in-service.”

    Mike Hanna
    Maintenance Supervisor
    Badger State Western
    Abbotsford, WI

  • “We have saved an average of $215.06 on every brake job where the slack pin bushing wore into the holder. We have seen no wear on the Auto-Slack Savers since installing in mid 2007.”

    Colin Smith
    Trailer Shop Foreman
    Martin Trucking Company
    Tomah, WI